Me, Myself, and I

Hi, I'm Darcy and I'm jobless in Pajamas, like a significant portion of the country right now. I'm a trend forecasting pro with a fashion design background who loves to flex her green thumb and cook for the people I love. I shuttered my art studio, put it all in storage, dusted off the ol' machine & started sewing again to keep from going bonkers. I figured I'd use this time to make three piece (PJ) suits, so ya'll can dress for the job of your (day)dreams. 
Some truths: 
-All items are socially acceptable jammies, because who wears real pants anymore? 
-All are made with vintage & recycled textiles, because who buys new anymore?
-All are made by me, in my tiny brooklyn apartment while listening to true crime podcasts. 
-All I ever want in this world is to see pics of you in things that I make with my hands, please share & follow over at @SAJ_NYC